I filmed this closet tour today so you guys can see a little glimpse into my life and into my wardrobe! 

Oops I did it, again. 

Well here I am, back with another high end expensive ass purchase that I made to make myself feel better lmaoo I tend to do that when Im sad or in a weird mood I SHOP. Is it a problem? not to me. Is it a problem to my bank account? Probably in the long run but oh well lol. But really though who else shops when their in a shit mood? I know I'm not the only one lol. 


I bought these cute ass Gucci slippers 



This is more on the higher end side but I have been loving these all red Balenciaga runners! Im definitely going to go purchase some more in different colors. I love the bright red for the spring and they make me a lil taller lol. I went to the Balenciaga store on Rodeo Drive here in Hollywood to purchase them, if you go in make sure you ask for Robert, he was great šŸ˜Œ 

Let me know if you guys wanna see more of the higher end shopping on here! 



A couple of you guys were asking what my most loved and ride or die makeup products are. I'm gunna do part 1 first which is the base of my face so primer, foundation, bronzer, blush, highlighter, & brows. 

PRIMER: Nivea mens post shave balm. This is great if you want your makeup to stay on ALL day, it won't budge! 

FOUNDATION: Hands down my favorite is the Becca Ultimate Coverage Cream. A little goes a long way & the coverage is amazing. It's a full coverage foundation off the bat. It's a comfortable wear throughout the day & it doesn't break up.  

POWDER: So far in my makeup journey the best ones for me are the Mac Loose Mineralizing Powder & Laura Mercier translucent powder.

BRONZER: If you guys couldn't tell by all my youtube videos, the best one for me is the Makeup Forever Pro Bronze Fusion, cream bronzer is Chanel Sol de Tan

BLUSH: My favorite blush is Tarte Exposed, this just blends so nicely on the cheek. 


I'm back again with another makeup look!! I got A LOT of great feedback on this look so I filmed it and it will be up 3/29! I loved doing this look and there is definitely a lot more of these up my sleeve! Let me know if you guys wanna see anything else. I'll post the video on here as well next week. In the mean time, go check out some more of my videos on my channel! 




Finally updated my curly hair routine!!! Everything you need to know about maintaining and managing your beautiful hair! Hope it's helpful for you guys! 


Throughout the years I've been getting a lot of questions on how I cleared up my skin. I used to have a lot of acne and it made me super insecure. Since then I have gone to the dermatologist which was one of the best decisions ever. For the first 3 months I was put on antibiotics, day cream, and night cream. Women get acne all the time. It could be from stress, hormones, or just because which SUCKS. These are the things that worked for me and hopefully I can help someone else! No matter what though know that you are beautiful no matter what. Changing my ways and habits made me feel more confident and more beautiful in my own eyes! Its been about a year since going to the dermatologist and Im only on the night cream now. Since the  night cream made my skin super dry I rehydrate it with coconut oil or pure Shea butter. This has worked for me and my skin.

NIGHT TIME SKIN CARE : Neutragena oil free face wash, tetrinoin cream, coconut oil or Shea butter. 

click left 

DAY TIME SKIN CARE : Herbalism face wash or Neutragena, Shea moisture problem skin moisturizer. 

click left. 


I'm about to start a jeans series lol, I literally can't stop buying jeans!!! I think these are my favorite right now. The detailing of the Koi fish and its the perfect shade of blue! I usually have to take my jeans to the cleaners to get them tappered and fit to my waist but these ones were perfect! I got them from Zara. Everything from Zara restocks quick but here is the same style just with different things embroidered linked here. I'm a size 6 for reference! 

Before I get a million questions, my velvet swimsuit is from topshop! 

I linked it here


Heres a lil DIY on a friday! So I took my old dirty ass vans and threw them in the wash with some bleach & decided to splatter paint them. I think they turned out pretty cool & I'm definitely gunna buy another pair and do it again. 



So I went to Sephora and did a lil bit of damage lol. Basically I got some re-ups and also new products I wanted to try out! I feel like I have a cycle of foundations I always go back to so I decided to switch it up. I've heard some really good reviews on these products so I'll be sure to update you guys. 


Kat Von D setting spray - Laura Mercier Setting powder - Too Faced Hangover RX primer -Tatcha Dewy Mist - Marc Jacobs Gel Liner - Cover FX total cover foundation - Huda Beauty Lashes "Samantha" 



For the past couple months, well since going to the dermatologist, I've noticed that the medicine that they gave me has made my skin super dry. A couple things I do to prevent this is using pure shea butter & also refined virgin coconut oil. I look like an oil slick ball when I go to sleep but believe me its worth it. When I wake up my skin is sooo refreshed and hydrated. I will probably do a more in depth post about these two things as well. The coconut is linked here, & the shea butter is linked here.  

I actually bought this at the LA county fair but I have found it on amazonĀ 

I actually bought this at the LA county fair but I have found it on amazon 

February Finds 

So February was filled with spending and saving money LOL, at least I tried to. A few of my finds this month include some of my Lush products that I've come to love again, Mask of Magnanimity & Herbalism, you can find them here & here I also picked up some outfits and clothes for Mexico in March below. 

On the left is a face and body cleanser, it really helps with any blemishes you might have and plus its all natural so its good for the skin! The right is the mask that helps clear up acne and scaring

On the left is a face and body cleanser, it really helps with any blemishes you might have and plus its all natural so its good for the skin! The right is the mask that helps clear up acne and scaring

one is a body cleaner and one is a mask to help clear up problem skin

one is a body cleaner and one is a mask to help clear up problem skin

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 12.06.57 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 12.09.47 PM.png

Urban Outfitters was a great place to find tanks and hats for Mexico in March. I found these cute taupe and white tanks for $18.00

You can find them here

Another Urban outfitters find was this plain hat. They have 9 other colors, I picked up the mauve color as well. 

You can find it here