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Self Love is Key

Like I said in my about me, 20s are for finding yourself. I've come to the realization that it's really easy for us to be swayed by temporary things, especially in our teen years, this can be material things, "love," temptation, & all of that. I'm not saying I'm the smartest when it comes to this stuff, believe me I've made my fair share of mistakes but I am saying that in order to know love, feel love, and to love to the fullest capacity, you need to love yourself first. Loving yourself is something that takes time and I am still learning. Loving the flaws you see in yourself, forgiving yourself for past mistakes, being secure with yourself and knowing that you are enough. I am reminded everyday that I need to love myself first. Its crucial to take the time and to take care of yourself, reward yourself, and be ok with who you are. Its not going to happen overnight, be patient with yourself and live the life you want to live.  Stay grounded, stay true, and stay yourself. 



One book that got me through the tough times of life is linked