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So It's crazy to me that 2017 is already flying by like it is about to be April!!! Im making this blog post to do a little bit of a recap of the year so far. 

JANUARY: In January it was all work no play, literally. I had work and school each week including weekends but January is when I started making a hard copy of my interior design portfolio. I also went to the Broad Museum in DTLA. It was really cool. 

FEBRUARY: Ahhhh the month of love. For me it was filled with stress and more stress LOL. but I did have time to create a makeup look lol. I did take a quick trip to go see my grandparents and my sister who I haven't seen since Christmas LOL not that long. This month was also filled with me taking a million pictures of flex & cuddling with him non stop. He turns 1 this month!! Time is flying Ugh :( 

MARCH: SO far March has been treating me well, its still busy with work and school, and I have to fit in my Netflix since it is a priority in my life LOL It's that serious. Im leaving for Mexico this week so there will definitely be a million pictures and videos from that trip which will be shown on here, Instagram, youtube, and everywhere basically lol. I also have a list of videos I am making for March/April which I am excited about so keep an eye out for those. So far this month I have been going to the beach, hiking, and going to food markets. mmmm my fave. And of course baby flex's 1st birthday on the 21st, don't worry, I will be corny with this festivities :)

"Like realizing stuff"