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"Like realizing stuff"

Its 1 am right now and I’m looking back on my life thinking “why did I ever do that” I think that the scariest thing to me is waking up when I'm 40 and realizing that I wasted my life on something I do not love just to fit into what society is trying to mold me into. To be honest this really hit me hard. I feel like this generation is doing the most in the best way possible. What I mean by that is doing what makes you happy no matter what anyone else thinks, family, friends, society, or whoever. Doing what's best for you and what's in your best interest. By doing this it's creating this scene of creativity, empowerment, and growth & I'm so with it lol. I feel like for too long I was doing something just because someone else wanted me to do that but I'll tell you one thing, someone who finds their own self worth is unstoppable & demands respect. Like who really cares if you wanna do something that isn't in the "norm" who is it hurting? If you wanna do something you love NO ONE is stopping you. I think that no matter what, people should do what they love to do. Doing what makes you happy and love is a fulfilled life in my eyes. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something, don't let rumors or drama stop you from being your full potential, don't let anyone walk over you & disrespect you, use that as motive and take action in your own life. You are stronger than you think & can conquer anything. No time like the present, right? 

Sitting Back