Welcome to my blog. In this blog I will be writing & showing you my fashion finds, makeup, interior design skills & my inspiration to everyday life.



Life update:

So April has been a hectic month so far. Schools almost done, yay!!!! but now I have to get ready for summer classes lol so not over yet 🙄 it's like all work no play but all worth it. As some of you may know I've had some tough couple of weeks but I am getting through it! I'm remaining focused on my goals of continuing to blog, getting some new videos up, school, and working. Honestly keeping busy by doing what I love makes me sooo happy. I'm going home this week and it is a much needed break. I'm excited to be with my family and relax & remain focused. Thanks for bearing with me, exciting things to come ❤️✨


May May May

To my grandma