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Since I am an avid Netflix watcher I decided to share with you my top shows & movies on Netflix right now with a lil bit of info behind them. 


1. The 100

this show is about 100 kids that are exiled off of the space station to go down to earth 97 years after an apocalypse to see if it is habitable again the catch is, they thought they were the only humans down there, turns out they were wrong. 

2. Reign

I love shows based on old empires & queens & kings so this one is about a young queen set out to marry her future king except it seems like everyone inside the castle is trying to kill her and it's up to hear to save her country. 

3. Medici 

Another one based on the Italian empire. This show is about the upraising of countries & war trying to bring the Medici empire down. 

4. Sense 8

This show is about 8 people who are intellectually connected from all over the world. They don't know why this is happening and there is no real reason, until they figure out who the mastermind is behind it. 

5. Shameless

Ahh 7 seasons of greatness lol. Basically the dad is a drunk who can't keep the family together & the eldest takes up the role of taking care of all of them. 

6. 13th

This gives you all the feels. As an African American this really hit home. It makes you realize a lot of things about the world we live in. It's about the criminalization of African Americans within the US & also the prison boom. 

7. Blacklist

This is about a FBI most wanted fugitive who ends up helping the FBI & giving them information about other most wanted criminals to catch & put in jail but only if FBI agent Elizabeth helps him, who is unaware about the past he shared with her parents. 


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