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Can ya hear me now?

Hey there, back at it again w the corny blog posts lol. I have come to the realization that it's time to take a break but lets be honest, how many times have I come to a realization lol. I need to be there for myself before even thinking about being there for someone else which I had been doing for the last 2 years and it gets tiring whats that saying, "all the women in me are tired" AND I AM MF TIREDDDDDDD. All the relationships I have had been long term, LIKE YEARS and they have been filled with lots of lessons and also a lot of good memories and growth which have made me into who I am today so thank you for that. I decided to choose for myself what I want my life to be like and I'm being very picky on who I want to take part in my life, which I think is something hat everyone should do. You should be selfish with your time and who you want to be around because the people you are around are a reflection of you. I'm thankful for all the things that have happened these past 2 years, all the tears, all the little battles that I thought were the end of the world but in reality my world was just beginning. I said in my 'about' that my 20s were about finding myself, and at this point in time May 10th, I can honestly and truly say that I am alone, I am strong, I am independent & still scared of bugs lmao but that's ok!! I am learning to LOVE being alone and finding out what I love about myself. It is soooo refreshing to just be ok with myself and also come to term with the fact that I have flaws I need to work on. For anyone out there reading this, its ok to eat a pint of ice cream when your sad, been there. Its ok to stay inside and watch netflix all day while eating junk food, I'm still there, and also its OKAY to NOT BE OKAY. Loving yourself takes patience, caring, and also time. I love who I am becoming and I won't change for anything or anyone. You have so much power over your emotions and I think has humans we let other people determine how we feel but its time to make a change. You are the one in control. These are my words of encouragement and love for the week lol. 

Feel me?

May May May