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Feel me?

Do you ever wonder what people perceive of you? I was not one much to care but recently it has crossed my mind when strangers look at me. Can they see I'm alone? Can they see that I'm a lil socially awkward? Don't get me wrong I love being an introvert but I am now a young & single women living on my own in a big city where I barely know anyone and it dawned on me, damn I am really alone in a big ole world **queue Beyonce Me, Myself, & I** 

I was telling my mom when she visited me that I get so uncomfortable being by myself in a public space, why? Why do I feel like that? She acted surprised and said "what?! You carry yourself so confidently, I would have never known that." That's when it crossed my mind, what do other people see when they look at me. Do they see a confident women too? In my mind I'm always on guard in public. It's scary out here being a women by herself lol which I'm coming to terms with. I'm writing this because when walking down the street, I always get men calling out at me or saying something disrespectful or them trying to be flattering. WHY do they think that is ok? It is honestly something that really bothers me. I just wanted to share that. Lol, these are my most inner thoughts at 9:47 pm on a Monday night. 

Turning point.

Can ya hear me now?