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Turning point.

Writing really helps me figure things out, figure myself out, and also figure out what I'm feeling. I know some of you may have been going through the same thing this past month. I take it day by day but I had a by week of work so I didn't work until friday so that was a week of me THINKING & over analyzing e v e r t h i n g. During that week it got kinda difficult for me, I started to get sad, doubt myself, and just feel like shit but it's because I had nothing to keep my mind busy & keep my mind off taking into consideration how hard these past couple months have been for me. But then I realized, I have control. I have control over my own emotions why am I letting them get the best of me? Lol then I remembered I'm better than that. I owe myself to be strong for me & be here for myself. I'm doing the best I can and it's really healthy to remember that and know that it's ok to be sad, just don't dwell on yourself for too long cause then it can really have an effect on your well being, speaking from experience. Overall  think that this was a turning point for me to get out of this little state of emotion I was in because enough is enough and I'm tired of feeling like the bad guy. I started working out & eating right again which thank god lol I was really stuck there for a sec. but overall I'm really feeling better about myself, and the choices I have made. I know that I'm shaping into the women I want to be and it makes me proud of myself, **tear**😭 but other than that you guys just always stay strong & believe in the strength you have in yourself and your ability to bounce back! Every struggle will make you stronger in the end. I'm thankful that I have you guys to write to, you keep me sane!!

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