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May May May

Soooo schools done finally but I'm taking 4 online summer classes that literally just started today LOL I'm not dreading it because tbh I actually like learning and going to school 😂 I definitely wasn't like this before. But It keeps me busy and keeps my mind off the stupid stuff lol. Summer is around the corner and I'm soooo excited. Im working and planning trips which is something I can look forward too. May has been good to me so far, this is a month of realization and learning to be alone again which I am ok with. I think its whats best for me and whats best for my growth as a women as corny as that sounds lol. I like being alone and keeping to myself even though my mom swears I'm gunna turn into a hermit, little does she know I already am. Lol. But other than that May is bringing me good things so far. 

Can ya hear me now?