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Catch up

So it's been almost about a month since my last blog post, I needed to take some time tbh & just really refocus myself and boy oh boyyyyy, I think being in touch with yourself and knowing/realizing who you are is the most important thing, especially for growth. But there is also those times where it gets kinda hard and you're not gunna love all the parts of you that need fixing but that's okay. You are a work in progress and great things take time. My tattoo on my back reads, "without struggle there is no progress" which reminds me daily that without trials and tribulations, there is no growth. Sometimes reassurance that everything will be ok is really helpful, no matter who it's from. It's like most of the time I feel grown ya know doing my own thing living life but sometimes I catch myself acting like a baby about certain shit, and that's really what growing up is all about! Discovering who you are. To catch you guys up, this past month I've lost two people really close to me and it's really been hitting me hard, not only because they were my grandparents but because this is the first time I've ever had someone close to me die. Usually I'm not the one to confide in someone about my emotions but sometimes you have to let it ALL out. Which I did. I sat in my apartment with the lights off & blasted my music and just started crying lol I will spare you guys with the sad details BUT I couldn't stop crying lmao but after I literally felt so much better. Death definitely isn't easy, but knowing it isn't final really put me at peace. I was always there for everyone else that in the end I forgot what it was like to just chill and be there for myself for once. So thats what I've been doing, be prepared for a lot more blog posts too, I've had a lot on my mind, ready to spillllllll 

Turning point.